7 Games Like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for Nintendo Switch

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was an instant hit. Gamers of all genres from across the globe fell in love with its fast-paced action, life-like graphics, and addictive gameplay. Many online gamers who play other games or even partake in a few bets on casino sites like Rainbow Spins have been gripped by the famous shooter. It seems like everyone wants to get in on the action!

Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t available on the Nintendo Switch. However, many similar titles offer an equally impressive gaming experience. We look at seven different options that you can opt for on the Switch that are comparable to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Remastered

You may not instantly look at the Star Wars franchise and think it would be host to one of the best squad-based shooters around. However, Star Wars: Republic Commando provides a great alternative to Rainbow Six. It clearly has taken a lot of inspiration from some of the earlier Rainbow Six games, but the gameplay is much more accessible, which certainly increases the appeal to fans of Siege. The AI available in Republic Commando is second to none, and although the graphics may not be the best, the sound design and audio are both top-notch.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 has a World War II theme and provides a slightly more strategic gameplay than the usual third-person shooter. The maps are expansive and offer players plenty of space to explore. The Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer mode is top quality with plenty of different game modes to choose from, and you can even play the main campaign mode with a friend.


Overwatch offers a similar experience to Siege, as players get the option of selecting a different load-out and unique ability with each character they select. Characters are referred to as a ‘hero’, and even some of their names are very similar to those in Siege. The artwork in Overwatch is somewhat different to Siege, but the overall feel and gameplay are both very similar.

Apex Legends

Like Overwatch, Apex Legends also offers unique loadouts and special powers for each character. Some of the special powers available with Apex Legends players are comparable to those seen in Siege. Each Legend has its own backstory and reason for being in the Apex games, just like many of the Team Rainbow characters do. Apex is also a first-person shooter, much like Siege, with much slicker gameplay than some of the other options.


Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time, regardless of what device or console you play it on. Its gameplay is a little different from Siege because it has one Big Battle Royale map. However, the game type, characters, and storylines have many similarities to Siege. Its graphics and style tweaks vary significantly, with Fortnite taking a more animated and less realistic approach.

Strike Force 2: Terrorist Hunt

Strike Force 2: Terrorist Hunt is a first-person action shooter that sees you become a member of a Strike Force Unit. Your objective is to rescue an agent and combat the terrorist organisation. You equip yourself with the latest arsenal of modern weaponry, including sniper rifles and assault rifles and take on your mission objectives.

Pay Day 2

Pay Day 2 is an adventurous shooting game that sees you partake in a criminal gang that takes part in various bank heists and robberies of jewellery stores. It provides a thrilling gaming experience with law-breaking, engaging storylines and non-stop action to keep gamers wanting more.

So, there you have it. Although Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of engaging alternatives out there for you to get stuck into.