Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Operator For Vector Glare

Heightened Senses

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is almost 7 years old now. Most games don’t see this kind of longevity, but with the amount of content and support it has seen, it could very well go on for 7 more years. The game is entering Season 2 of Year 7 and Ubisoft has unveiled the new content on the way.

The replayablility and element that keeps the game fresh is obviously the different Operators and how they clash against each other. The new Operator coming this season is named Sens. Sens is a new attacker. They have a very interesting ability called the ROU Projector System. It is a throwable that projects a wall of light.

rainbow six siege rick and morty new operator skins

When the ROU is in play, Sens’ ability obscures the enemy team. You can walk behind it and no one would know. The ROU rolls and projects the wall as it moves. It could bounce off a wall or roll down stairs and the wall would change based on its path. It does not hurt you or your enemies, but it doesn’t actually block bullets either.

Another addition coming with this season the firing range. It can be risky choosing a brand new character and learning the feel for their weapons. Now, you can test them out before using them online.

There will also be a brand new map designed especially for Team Deathmatch, which was added last season. The map Close Quarter is a training facility. There are a lot of plywood walls and interesting set pieces that Operators might find in the real world. Since it was purely designed for combat in mind, there really are no safe spaces to hunker down in.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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