The Gunk, Alien Exploration Game, Lands on Steam Today

An Alien World 

It’s time for Steam players to venture across a dynamic and engaging alien world. Today Thunderful announced that their exploration adventure game, The Gunk, has arrived on PC via Steam. In addition to its arrival, the PC version of The Gunk boasts a new feature to fully support your adventures on the alien world. Furthermore players looking to get a glimpse of the game can view the new accolades trailer. 

Key art for The Gunk

The Gunk places players in the boots of Rani. A member of a space-hauling duo that stumbles across a planet infested with a strange substance: The Gunk. As Rani players will explore this strange planet, harvesting The Gunk full of energy. Of course, there are some questions. How did this stuff get here? Why are their ruins everywhere? And why does The Gunk leave the biomes it touches barren? 

Of course Rani isn’t without tools. Players will use her power gloves to absorb the Gunk and collect it. As they do, they will heal the planet. The Gunk rewards players for exploring. As such, you will need to explore to unlock secrets on the planet, improve the relationship between Rani and her partner Becks, and learn about the Gunk. 

The Steam version of the game introduces a new feature players can enjoy. This feature is photo mode. With photo mode players can take beautiful pictures of Rani and the environment of the planet. Additionally, the photo mode allows you to adjust depth of field, exposure, lighting, and even add filters. Of course, players can see just how the game looks from the new accolades trailer. 

The Gunk is available today on Steam. Additionally, more information about The Gunk is available on Thunderful’s website. So, are you ready to explore a new world?