Jusant Review – Tranquil Tower Traversal

Jusant Review

DON’T NOD takes a bit of a departure from their typical style with their latest title, Jusant. While the game might not evoke the same emotions as some of their previous works, it doesn’t fall short in delivering a unique and meditative gaming experience. Jusant is an action-puzzle climbing game that invites players to embark on a tranquil journey, allowing them to savour every step of their ascent. The game’s captivating aesthetics and serene ambiance immediately set the tone for an exceptional adventure. As you ascend into the mysterious tower, you’ll be accompanied by a watery companion and an array of climbing tools, all while gradually uncovering the tower’s history.

Jusant’s narrative is subtle yet engaging. You assume the role of a character who starts their journey at the tower’s base. From there, your objective is to climb. However, as you ascend, you may begin to form assumptions about the tower, its history, and the reasons behind its current state of existence. Along the way, you’ll discover letters, set pieces, and other subtle details. They gradually weave together the intriguing history of the tower. While it’s not mandatory to uncover every secret, the game is rewarding to those who choose to dive deeper into its narrative.

At the heart of Jusant lies the mastery of climbing tools and the careful management of your stamina. Scaling this ever-shifting tower demands skill, patience, and strategic thinking. As you ascend higher, the complexity of challenges increases, forcing you to think critically about how to best utilize your tools. While the early stages of the game are relatively straightforward, the later parts of the ascent require astute problem-solving and an exploration of alternative paths that may unveil the tower’s well-guarded secrets.

At Your Own Pace

The gameplay in Jusant predominantly revolves around climbing and puzzle-solving, with an element of memory retention required for managing your expanding arsenal of skills. Of course, the puzzle elements are key to the game, but its relatively intuitive and responsive controls do a great job of keeping players engaged. As your abilities grow, it becomes increasingly important to remember the basics. Fortunately, your watery companion proves invaluable, offering guidance and assistance when you may find yourself stumped. The gameplay maintains its appeal throughout the journey, evolving from a simple climbing experience to encompassing actions you wouldn’t have thought possible when you initially started.

One of Jusant’s standout features is its commitment to allowing players to set their own pace. The game imposes no rush, no pressure to complete objectives hastily, and certainly no need to hurry. The journey itself holds as much significance as reaching the summit, and you’re encouraged to take your time and relish the awe-inspiring biomes that unfold before you. Each environment is richly adorned with lush flora, fauna, and intriguing remnants of a bygone civilization, cultivating a profound sense of tranquillity as you traverse the tower’s ever-changing landscape. Accessibility features are also planned, which will also allow the game to be enjoyed by all gamers.

Feel the Vibe

Upon launching the game, the title screen elegantly showcases your character’s current location. This creates a seamless transition from the menu to the gameplay. Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack contributes to the overall serene experience, providing a soothing, atmospheric backdrop to your climb. It enhances the game’s meditative qualities, ensuring that players are wholly immersed in this contemplative journey.

In a gaming landscape often dominated by frantic and intense titles, Jusant serves as a serene beacon of tranquillity and introspection. It reminds us that not every gaming experience needs to be an adrenaline rush. Instead, it offers an opportunity to escape the chaos of the outside world and immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted environment. With Jusant, you’ll master the art of climbing, explore diverse biomes, and uncover the mysteries of the tower, all while enjoying a captivating and peaceful atmosphere. In a world filled with high-octane games, Jusant stands as a soothing journey to new heights, where the destination is only half the adventure.

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The Good

  • Responsive gameplay
  • Great visuals
  • Calming experience

The Bad

  • Can be hard to remember your tools