Neopets Reached 4.1M Site Visits Just This Month

Neopets Had 4.1 Million Site Visits This Month

Neopets reached 4.1 million site visits this month alone. Its browser-based universe was once blindingly popular in the gaming industry. It had a total number of users at approximately 25 million during the early 00’s.

Through the years, the game has seen millions of users pass through. Players fed, dressed, and sent their Neopets to fight across the eclectic world laid before them. It is speculated that the pandemic pushed those who had to stay at home to return to the game and relive their teen years through the browser-based pet adventure.

neopets 4.1m site visits just this month

For many gamers today, Neopets was their first introduction to choose-your-own adventure type of gameplay. There were adventures, interest rates, collectables, and gambling. Fans were able to try out the ins and outs of the game’s back alley poker, roulette, and even auctioning.

The play-to-earn games on the Neopets website were built with a now-defunct Adobe Flash. Thankfully, a lot of them managed to escape the ugly fate that has befallen the other games of that era. It even seems that they were not updated ever since. By the looks of it, players will still be able to earn the same amount of Neopoints from them.

However, some players have observed that devs sometimes suspect their ultra high score and refuse to hand over their points. This is relatively understandable considering the amount of cheating within the game. Hackers range from pet-pilfering black marketeers to players who feel morally obliged to steal rare items from inactive players. They are apparently doing this to keep the economy going.

Fans who are feeling nostalgic may want to revisit the game one more time. However, they might also want to double check their rare items just in case they are not there anymore.

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