Battlefield 2042 Has a Deadly Robodog Players Can Pet

Battlefield 2042 Players Can Pet Robotic Dogs All Over the Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 players recently found a nice little Easter Egg in the form of a cute, but deadly, robotic dog named The Ranger. These Rangers may be called in by players over the course of the match, acting as their own personal bodyguard. They fire at enemies as they roam around the battlefield.

Players can come near the Rangers and hold the interact the button. By doing this, a special animation happens with the players’ character kneeling down to give the robotic dog some love. This is one cute Easter Egg for a game such as Battlefield 2042, with players being able to pat these robodog’s cute little camera lens heads.

battlefield 2042 pet robotic dogs

Who is a good dog?” wrote Battlefield 2042 devs on social media, sharing a quick clip of the said special animation.

It is a nice interaction that is a direct in-game reference to a piece of Battlefield 2042 concept art. The interaction shows Angel, one of the game’s specialists, petting a wounded Ranger. It may inspire players to run around the battlefield and pet every single robotic dog that they see as they play the game’s multiplayer mode.

Although the Rangers may be cute, some Battlefield 2042 players have pointed out that staying too close for too long might not be a good idea. Apparently, players can command the robodogs to do certain commands. They can even instruct them to self-destruct.

Rangers may be small but the resulting self-destruct explosion could be huge and can potentially kill players who are in close quarters with them. These robotic dogs can be killing machines. The big machine gun on their backs would be a dead giveaway for that.

Battlefield 2042 launched with a rocky start, but more changes are reportedly coming to its way. In addition to bug fixes, the game also got some improvements to its user interface, nerfs to some of its vehicles, and adjustments to its weapon recoil capability.

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