Crossplay and Cross Progression Finally Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Plus More Content and Quality of Life Improvements

Every few months is another Christmas for Rainbow Six Siege players. This season, a bunch of quality of life improvements are being added to the game. On top of that, the regular new operator, Solis and a new map are coming.

We already went into detail with Solis, so let’s move on to the other stuff. The new map is called Nighthaven Labs. This location actually incorporates the lore of the game into the design. Yes, Rainbow Six Siege does have lore. It is a nice, clean-looking, modern research lab.

Rainbow Six Siege

Season 4 is adding a new player reputation system. This is expected to improve upon the anti-cheat and player behavior measures. It won’t all be implemented at once, but eventually, your reputation will impact rewards when playing online. Rainbow Six Siege players will be categorized into Dishonorable, Disruptive, Neutral, Esteemed, and Exemplary.


Perhaps the big ticket item this season is the crossplay and cross-progression. Console players will now be able to matchmake together. This will put players into games faster across the board. PC and other streaming devices, like Amazon Luna, will be put into their own pool of matchmaking.

At the beginning of the season, players will be able to connect their accounts across all available platforms. If you own the game on PC, PlayStation, and/or Xbox, you will be able to merge your Rainbow Six Siege data. Your preferences and loadouts will remains specific to a given platform, but skins, packs, and operators will be shared.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Operation Solar Raid begins on December 6th.

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