Weird West Now Has First-Person Mod Support

Weird West First-Person Mod Creator Says It Might Still Be a Little “Janky”

Weird West Systems Designer Joe Wintergreen has confirmed to the gaming public that the game will finally have first-person mod support. The supernatural immersive sim released to the market with positive reception from the gaming community. The game already has quite a number of mods. However, this new one changes its isometric perspective to first-person.

weird west zombie apocalypse mode

“There was not much time,” Wintergreen said. “Any changes I made had to not break the game’s existing systems.” With that in mind, he had to make sure that he touched “as few files as possible.”

This very quirky Weird West first-person mod is actually not officially supported by WolfEye Studios. However, it is worth noting that Wintergreen is actually an official part of the development team as its Systems Designer. With that said, he wanted to make sure that fans can easily identify the mod as his by calling it Wintergreen Mode.

According to Wintergreen, this particular Weird West project kicked off as a mod that was “surprisingly cool but not particularly good.” It only got underway several months later when devs approached him to polish it up for release as one of the game’s first mods.

The mod’s full release is going to have some changes from Wintergreen’s initial project. This includes a repositioning of the camera and “wacky situation bone offsets” for avoiding weird clipping problems. Plus, players will be able to play with a temporary third-person camera for certain things that seem too weird or boring to experience in first-person.

The result is still pretty janky,” he added. “You will definitely run into issues.” However, he wants Weird West players to know that these should not keep them from playing through the game.

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