Rainbow Six Siege Cheater Faces Years of Legal Punishment

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Find Justice Against Unreasonably Angry Gamer

Cheaters never prosper. Or so they say. But when they just run rampant over your game of choice, right in your match… sometimes it’s a hard sentiment to believe. But this development? It’s a definite win for players at large. This particular Rainbow Six basement-dweller bit off a bit more than he could chew, and faces three years of community service, courtesy of the French government.

So, what’s the story here? What could a cheater have possibly done to-

Swatting. It’s Swatting. They called in false police reports and sent SWAT teams to people they didn’t like. In this case, it was the Montreal developers of Rainbow Six Seige.

rainbow six siege rick and morty new operator skins

As part of the cheater’s punishment, he’ll be forced to “compensate victims, undergo treatment for a mental health problem and either work or undergo training“, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Ubisoft released a statement of their own, but kept things minimal. “In this trial we were committed to representing the interests of our employees who were affected by this false hostage taking alert at our Montreal studio,” they said. “It was important for us to denounce this violent and unacceptable incident. Out of respect for our employees who were affected by this event, we will not comment further.

After being taken into custody, the cheater had little to say, beyond a desire to get his account unbanned. Do you think he’ll get his wish? One of life’s great mysteries, that one.

How are you feeling about the cheater’s punishment? Is this enough, given the crimes? What do you think the consequences of this will be, for swatters and cheaters at large? Leave your answers in the comments down below!