Epic Games Store Reveals Their Next Free Game: Control

You Can Control ‘Control’ For Free, But Only For So Long

The Epic Games Store has an event going on, to celebrate the holiday season. Running until December 31st, the storefront hopes to draw eyes and players with a ton of special promotional offers. As part of their holiday celebration, Epic promised to release 15 games over the course of the event. Each one would be free to pick up, but only for a couple of days. A while back, it was 2017’s Prey. And right now – until the 27th – you can snag 2019’s Control for a cool zero dollars.

Control, released by on the Epic Games Store by Remedy Entertainment, is a third-person shooter set in a supernatural world. The game received incredible reviews when it first released, an continues to be loved today. Our own review called it Remedy’s “most ambitious title yet”, and that risk payed off.

“You’ll play as Jesse Faden, a woman searching for her brother, and who, inexplicably, is the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Why and how that comes to pass is one of Control’s biggest mysteries. Slightly more pressing though, is the invasion of the Bureau by the Hiss – beings(?) that seem to invade hosts through sound. As Director, Jesse is also responsible for, y’know, saving the world from certain doom.

That layer of mystery and inexplicable power is at the core of Control’s identity. It’s a world that people tried to control and understand, only to realize just how powerless they really were. And when you step into Jesse’s shoes, you’ll have that power at your fingertips.

This isn’t the first time the Epic Games Store released Control for free, nor are they the first to release Control this way. GOG and Twitch Prime also had similar deals a while back, but, well, those deals aren’t exactly available now, are they?