Myth of Empires Files Lawsuit To Return Their Game to Steam

Myth of Empires Could Become A Myth if This Isn’t Dealt With

Myth of Empires is a strategy game that’s found itself in hot water. The game received allegations from Snail Games and Studio Wildcard (who worked on Ark: Survival Evolved), claiming that Myth of Empires stole source code from Ark. These allegations were what removed Myth of Empires from Steam, but now it’s fighting a legal battle to re-instate itself.

Angela Games, the developers of Myth of Empires, push back. They deny these claims entirely, calling them misleading and incomplete. Angela games says that the allegations have done massive damage to the game and their company, and demands that things change.

Myth of Empires trailer screenshot

Ark’s team released a statement on this matter. “All employees of Wildcard, Snail USA, and Snail Games signed nondisclosure agreements promising to maintain technical secrets, like software, in confidence, and not to provide that material to third party,” They said. “The source code was also stored on a server that could be accessed by only those employees who were given login credentials to that server.

The crux of this issue seems to be that many of Myth of Empires’ developers also worked on Ark. They had access to all these files, and through some investigation, Ark found some stark similarities.

BattlEye, an anti-cheat system used by Ark, found some suspicious details of their own. When they looked at the source code themselves, they found several strings that should have been unique to Ark. They also found a number of typos, ones that, again, were identical to Ark’s code.

It’s always possible that these similarities are coincidental. Given that a few employees of Angela Games worked on Ark, they could just have similar ways of sorting/using information. But the details are as numerous as they are damning, and demand a strong retort in order to be dismissed.