Myth of Empires is the War Sandbox Game of Your Dreams

Hope Alone Cannot Extinguish the Flames of War

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live on a continent that’s going down in flames? Imperium Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. and Angela Game seek to answer that question in the form of an online multiplayer sandbox game in which players are tasked with rebuilding a ravaged world. The Eastern Continent (basically Ancient China) has been devastated by war. Now the central government had broken down, warlords compete for power and resources, and it’s up to you to bring a new age of peace and prosperity. You can lead with benevolence or start throwing your weight around immediately, but either way, there’s a lot to do on the 64 square kilometer map.

The game challenges you to “Found your own empire and craft your own myth,” and you’ll have a ton of options on how to do it. Fight bears. Expand your territory. Restore the farms. Recruit NPCs to your cause. Harvest resources to build cities. Construct towering mountain forts. And then, when you feel prepared, lead your armies into battle with–or against–your friends.

Features include:

  • Thrilling Large-scale Warfare: Expand your territory and build your own empire as you bring counties and regions under your control
  • Conquest By Any Means Necessary: Recruit NPCs through peaceful or violent means to fight, defend, gather and create resources for your cause
  • A World By Your Own Design: Use resources to construct buildings and cities in a persistent and continuously developing online world 
  • Fearless Dominance: Go head-to-head with rival factions using a variety of crafted weapons, such as short swords, long swords, and halberds. Construct siege weapons such as battering rams, siege towers, catapults, ballistas and more
  • Fight With Your Friends: Band together with your friends to form alliances and eliminate enemy factions that stand in your way. Work together to build an empire of many

Myth of Empires trailer screenshot

Myth of Empires will be coming to Steam for PC, though the release date is TBA.

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