Hearthstone’s New Expansion Brings Alliance vs Horde Faction Brawl

Hearthstone’s Upcoming Expansion Finally Pits Alliance Versus Horde

Hearthstone fans were happy to know that the game’s newest expansion is finally going to bring the Alliance vs Horde brawl that devs have been constantly teasing all throughout the year. It will be rolled out on December 7th with the title, Fractured in Alterac Valley, and will be adding another 135 cards to the game—including a Hero card for each class. In addition to bringing more cards, Hearthtone’s new expansion will also be introducing new game mechanics, as well as the conclusion of the story arc for its new mercenary characters.

Hearthstone new expansion fractured in alterac valley

To begin, Hearthstone players will help steer the fight before the expansion is released. Starting today, players can start choosing one of two free Golden Legendary cards, either Mountain King Vanndar Stormpike for the Alliance, or Frostwolf Elder Shaman Drek’Thar for the Horde. Hero cards, just like Lightforged Cariel, represent the culmination of a variety of storylines—all of which are going to come together for a much-anticipated battle between the Alliance and the Horde. Hearthstone fans may have been able to see Drek’Thar and Vanndar Stormpike in the game’s newest cinematic trailer.

Once cards have been chosen, the faction leader will then determine which side the faction is fighting for while completing unique missions. This will happen from December 7th up until January 11th. The quests will build up their faction’s Honor points, and all players of the winning faction will get a Diamond version of their leader’s card.

Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion will also be introducing a new keyword called Honorable Kill. This new keyword will grant players with unique bonuses whenever certain cards kill off a minion. Examples of such bonuses are attack boosts, spell cost reduction, and gaining +1 stats whenever an Honorable Kill is delivered.

Hearthstone card packs are currently available for pre-purchase on Battle.net. Players can get a 60-pack bundle for $49.99 or an 80-pack one, with a bonus Hero included, for $79.99

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