Splitgate Devs Have ‘Monumental’ Reveal, but No They Weren’t Bought

Splitgate Devs Will Be Making a ‘Monumental’ Announcement Next Week

Splitgate, since its launch, has been quite known for its gameplay that has been filled with wild movement patterns and portals. It is now regarded as one of the greatest FPS titles in the market today. Although it has seen a quick rise in popularity, it has reportedly plateaued and left its community wondering what 1047 Games has in store for the game.

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Earlier today, Splitgate devs took to social media to announce that they are working on something “monumental” for the first person shooter. “Next week, the future of Splitgate and 1047 Games begins,” they wrote. “This is the most monumental development in our company’s history, and we cannot wait to share it with you.”

As of the moment, it remains a mystery exactly what is coming for 1047 Games’ high-flying FPS. However, the Splitgate community has already begun with speculations—majority of which revolved around the studio being bought by a bigger entity. 1047 was quick to reassure their players that no such acquisition was made. “More details to come,” they wrote. “But, we can confirm that no one has bought the company.”

Splitgate fans rejoiced after the studio confirmed that they have not been purchased by a bigger developer. “Thank you, Jesus!” one fan wrote. “You have something special here.”

It will be ill-advised to sell the company, honestly,” wrote another Splitgate fan. “Because then, they will most likely ruin something great that you have created.”

Right now, Splitgate is only a few weeks into its Season 0, which brought a new map, new skins, a battle pass, and new game modes. With that said, fans believe that this upcoming “monumental” announcement will be more than just details of a new season. As their tweet indicates, however, Splitgate fans will have to wait one more week before more information will be shared by 1047 Games.