Titanfall 2 May Have Been Hacked, Players Advised to Uninstall

Titanfall 2 May Have Been Compromised

Titanfall 2 has found itself in an ocean of rumors once again. This time, the franchise’s community was recently sent into a panic after reports that the game has a major security vulnerability. The discussion about this security breach stemmed from a Discord posting that has been making its round in the gaming community all day.

Titanfall 2 is currently considered compromised,” wrote the Titanfall 2 player. “Please uninstall the game and do not launch it.”

Titanfall 2 hack

According to this announcement, “there are reports of a bug in the game that allow local code execution from the server.” “Assuming hackers have control of Stryder’s Admin Panel (TF2 and Apex Servers), that could leave both your computer and your console vulnerable to exploits by launching the game,” he added. “All platforms are affected.”

Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall 2, have already responded to the issue and took to social media to let their community know that they are working on it. “We are aware of reports of a security vulnerability affecting Titanfall 2 and are investigating,” they wrote. “We have no other information to share at the moment, but will update once we do.”

In essence, players who launch Titanfall 2 could potentially open their systems to hackers, giving the latter access to the platform that they are using. Once the system has been hacked into, the hackers can install and launch any malware on it and brick the system. Just in July, hackers were able to shut down Apex Legends with a message that said “Save Titanfall.” It took Respawn 24 hours to fix their servers.

Although Respawn acknowledged that Titanfall 2 may have a hacking issue, they did not share an ETA on when the security vulnerability is going to be patched. They also did not reveal any details on what kind of information hackers may have had access to, or if the vulnerability really even exists. However, if community sentiment is anything to go by, it is in the best interest of Titanfall 2 players to not launch the game for the time being.