Apex Legends Revitalizes Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Community

Remember the Titans

Though Apex Legends has had quite a strong draw since its release last week, some Titanfall fans were hoping for a little more titans in it, so they’ve returned to Titanfall to sate their thirst.

Titanfall Battle Royale

Fans disappointed by Apex Legends lack of Titans falling and wall-running have returned to the motherland to bask in the nostalgia for the simpler times of October 2016. Members of the Titanfall community on Reddit and ResetERA have been keeping an eye on Titanfall 2’s player counts since Apex Legends’ launch, and in the same weekend the latter hit a 2 million concurrent player peak, the former saw quite a spike in activity that it hadn’t seen in quite a while.

On PC, player counts increased from the average of 700 to 1600, and peaking at a whopping 3400. Over on PS4, the game was averaging closer to 4500 players, and on Xbox One the game hit over 10,000 players. It may not seem like a whole lot overall, but for a two year old game who hasn’t received new content in quite a while, and apparently didn’t sell quite as well as it should have, it’s pretty cool!

It seems like the title will be the place to play for dedicated Titanfall fans as a threequel is currently not in development according to developer Respawn – though, they are still poised to drop a VR title later this year. Perhaps that could be related to titans falling and the like? Let us know what you think in the comments!

SOURCE: ResetERA, Reddit