Runescape Devs Reverse Decision to Block Runelite HD Mod Release

Runescape’s Fan-Made HD Mod Runelite Is Back on Following Fan Protests

Runescape’s HD mod, Runelite, is back on, only a day after Jagex decided to shut the fan-made project done. The studio received a lot of negative criticism for deciding to block the mod’s launch a day before its scheduled launch. Now, they have officially reversed that decision.

We hear your feedback loud and clear,” Jagex wrote. “Yesterday we aimed to clarify our stance on third-party HD clients and other projects that seek to radically change the visual appearance of the game.”

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The team behind Runescape’s HD mod has been actively discussing the feedback the received from their community, and while the talks will continue, the devs have promised that they will “absolutely intend” to constantly act on them.

We perfectly understand that you all have a voice in Old School, and that voice, at times, can be one of frustration regarding the decisions we make,” they added. “Be assured that we always welcome your feedback, whether good or bad.”

Now that Runelite HD is back, Jagex will no be working hand in hand with the mod’s creator 117scape and the creator of the original Runelite, Adam1210. With this new team, Runescape’s new HD project will be available until Jagex finally comes up with its own official Runescape HD version.

Oddly enough, Jagex’s statement that Runelite HD will be a “bridge” between the present and their own HD release in the future is in contrast to what 117 said previously. According to the latter, Jagex had “declined outright” when they brought that same offer to the table. It has become apparent that a little pressure from the Runescape community was the push that Jagex needed to reverse their decision.

We do not always get it right,” the devs said. “We are only human. And now, are rectifying our approach.”

Following their earlier decision to block the release, Jagex staff reportedly had “unacceptable levels” of harassment from the gaming community. Although they will continue to listen to their fans, they reiterated that they will not tolerate such behavior. “Please ty to remember that, behind the crowns, there are real people trying to do their best for the game and its community,” they added.