Potion Tycoon Challenges You to Explore Magic and Capitalism

Where Do Those Potions in RPGs Come From, Anyway?

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Snowhound Games are putting a magical spin on the management sim genre with Potion Tycoon. In this game, players will brew potions, research recipes, secure resources, mix potions, and build and optimize production lines staffed by little goblins, all in a charming 2D art style that reminds us of a more light-hearted Darkest Dungeon.

You’ll be able to hire new staff, price your potions according to demand, and design your shop to be as welcoming as possible. Happy customers are more likely to buy your stock, after all. So far, it looks like Potion Tycoon will be a creepily cute adventure into the dangerous realms of capitalism, as shown off in this announcement trailer.

It looks like experimentation will be key to advancing and eventually taking over the potions market, whether you’re experimenting with new potion recipes or redesigning the shop’s storefront. A truly exquisite store may even attract VIPs who can do wonders for your business… as long as you can fulfill their requests, that is. Fail to meet their demands and they could ruin your reputation, and nobody wants that, right?

Key features include:

  • A tycoon game with a witchy twist: Build and grow your own magic shop.
  • Deep management simulation: Manage production, prices and staff to build an efficient business.
  • Research, construct and innovate: Develop your potion empire all the way from humble beginnings to high-end store.
  • Elaborate alchemy system: Experiment with tons of ingredients and combinations to create new and improved potions.
  • Profound market simulation: Dynamic events, market trends and competing companies to keep you on your toes.
  • Playful 2D hand-drawn style: Enjoy watching the bustling life in your shop as automated production lines work hard and customers visit your store!

potion tycoon shop

Potion Tycoon is now available to wishlist on Steam. It is expected to launch in Early Access in early 2022.

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Source: Press Release