Last Train Home Gives Players a Tell-All in New Trailer

More than Train Station

It’s going to take more than basic knowledge of trains to get your soldiers back home. Especially when they are riding an armored train through a warzone. It’s definitely not going to be a short ride, so settle in and learn how you come out the other side alive. Today THQ Nordic and Ashborne Games are ensuring players know everything they need to about their upcoming  RTS and management game, Last Train Home. A new trailer, titled “Explanation Trailer”, is providing prospective commanders with all the info they need to successfully lead their men through post-Great-War Russia. Of course, the trailer gives gamers an overview of the gameplay, storyline, atmosphere, mechanics, and everything else. 

Last Train Home

Last Train Home invites players to lead a battalion of Czechoslovak soldiers as they fight through the Russian Civil War. Importantly, these soldiers have an armored train and are planning on riding it through the Siberian wilderness to Vladivostok. However, with yet another war raging around them, the soldiers are going to need to put everything they have into survival.

Importantly, Last Train Home puts players in charge of these soldiers. It is the player’s job to ensure that everything on and off the train is taken care of. For instance, sending squads of soldiers into RTS battles to ensure the train and its passengers are up and running. Of course, the train and its soldiers are upgradeable and as players progress they will find more equipment, upgrades, and more to get everyone home safely. 

Check out the new trailer for the Last Train Home, for a full explanation.

Last Train Home is releasing on November 28th for PC via Steam