Goblins of Elderstone Adds New Win Conditions in New Update

Update the Goblins 

It’s time to become chief goblin once again. This time, there is more to accomplish, more to explore, and more ways to win. Just be ready, warbands may be on the horizon and you need your goblins to thrive amidst the odds. Today, Outerdawn is happy to announce the latest update for their city-builder, strategy game, Goblins of Elderstone. The update, titled “Scenarios Update”, introduces various new ways for players to engage with the game. For instance, the update features things like new win conditions and game modes. A new developer diary gives players some more insights into the game and the update itself. Furthermore, a press release provides some comments about the update from Gustav, the game’s Creative Director. 

Goblins of Elderstone feature

Goblins of Elderstone invites players to rule a tribe of goblins. It is up to the player to ensure that the tribe will thrive. Importantly, players will have the ability to build unrestricted and grow their goblin empire. However, it won’t be all development and rainbows. Opposing warbands, story events, and more will ensure a challenge in making your goblin empire. Now, with the latest update to the game, players can customize their experience even more. 

“We’re really excited about this update – it adds a lot of variety to the game and allows for a more focused and goal-oriented playthrough,” says Gustav, the game’s Creative Director. 

The update to Goblins of Elderstone adds four new unique scenarios that change the way the game plays. For instance, horde resources and try to survive in The Last Ice Age, or if you are up to the challenge, face off against endless hordes in Eternal Night. Of course, the new developer diary allows players a deep dive into the update. Check it out below. 

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available on PC via Steam