Last Train Home Gets on Track With Train Upgrade Trailer

Train the Namesake 

When the only thing ensuring your survival in a wartorn wasteland is a train, you better maintain it. It’s going to be a long ride. You better ensure that you can survive it. Today, THQNordic and Ashborne Games are giving players a closer look at their upcoming RTS and management game, Last Train Home. This time, players can check out the upgrades for their armored mode of transportation in a new showcase. The showcase, titled the Train Upgrade Trailer, gives players an overview of the train, its cars, and how to improve the train itself. Furthermore, a press release provides more info on the game. 

Last Train Home

Last Train Home puts players in charge of an armored train full of soldiers. Interestingly, players are to make sure these soldiers survive on their way to the new Czechoslovak Republic. However, the raging Russian civil war puts a wrench in their easy plans. Now, members of the armored train need to work together to survive. Interestingly, each will have two separate jobs: their onboard job and their combat job. For instance, a clothier becomes a sniper and a train engineer becomes a grenadier. Players can outfit, arm, and upgrade soldiers as they see fit and try to keep them alive. 

However, it isn’t only the soldiers that get upgrades. The train the soldiers call home is upgradeable as well. In fact, players can acquire new cars, unlock new capabilities, and more. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of how mighty the train can become. 

Last Train Home is releasing on November 28th for PC via Steam