Worldless Gets Atmospheric With Release Today

An Adventure Beyond Worlds 

In a place between times, gamers will face great challenges. In fact, their challenges will be shapeless, without form, and without mercy. Prepare for a newborn universe. What will you become? Today, Thunderful Games and NoName Studios are happy to announce that their turn-based metroidvania, Worldless, is out now. Out on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch consoles, the game invites players to explore a unique world and partake in strategic action combat. A new launch trailer gives gamers an opportunity to see what’s in store in this world between worlds. 


Worldless introduces players to a place that blurs realities. Players take on the role of a faceless warrior who personifies good in the timeless struggle against evil. Interestingly, the game uses a Metroidvania approach to art style yet introduces a much different combat style. For instance, it harnesses real-time combat and turn-based battles ensuring gamers will need to think strategically to overcome their enemies. However, it isn’t all thinking. The fights also require real-time action and reflexes to find success. 

“We’re so excited that the launch day is finally here! We’re looking forward to seeing what people think about the game and its unique visuals and combat system.” Says David Sanchez, the Studio Director at Noname Studios in a press release. 

Of course, players can check out the new trailer for Worldless for a glimpse at the game’s style. View the trailer below. 

Worldless is out now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. So, are you ready for an adventure without form?