Hawked Extracting to Early Access in November

Fight Dirty and Don’t Get Hawked

Prepare for to jump, feet first, into an island full of danger and rewards. Not only will you need to fear other players, but the denizens of the island itself want you dead. Of course, this innovative take on the extraction shooter genre is almost ready for the public. Today, MY.GAMES is happy to announce that their extraction shooter, Hawked, is heading to Early Access on November 30th. In addition to the Early Access release, the developers have announced the ‘Renegade Rally’ campaign. Importantly, this campaign allows players a chance to earn some exciting rewards including a lifetime supply of premium currency. A new trailer provides players with a glimpse of the game. Additionally, a press release provides insights from Andy Duthie, executive producer of the game. 


Hawked introduces players to X-Isle. With their squad, players will hunt around the island for ancient treasure. However, they won’t be the only ones. Players will face off against multiple enemy teams who are after the same treasure. Additionally, the island is crawling with monsters and dangerous traps. Of course, the first ones to get the big treasure win the match. Yet, there are smaller treasures players can extract, dead or alive. These treasures allow players to upgrade their characters. Just remember, it’s important to fight dirty. Get the jump on those enemy teams. 

 “After the positive feedback and excellent results of our Open Beta, we feel that Early Access is an important stepping stone in our road towards launch.” Says Andy Duthie, the executive producer on the game. 

Check out the brand-new trailer for Hawked below. 

Hawked is releasing on Early Access via Steam