Project Warlock II Chapter 2 Has Finally Arrived

Unleash Chaos in Project Warlock II

Developer Buckshot Software and publisher Retrovibe have released the second chapter of their adrenaline-pumping retro shooter Project Warlock II. It comes along with 12 new levels, 4 new weapons, a spellbook with 5 magical spells, 18 new enemies, and more than 90 upgrades to personalize playstyle.

Project Warlock II

This new chapter follows Palmer’s story and explores the tale of Urd. The master banished Urd at a young age and abandoned her to die in a demonic dimension. Now, driven by revenge, she will employ every tool at her disposal to accomplish the task.

Players will get to use new sets of weapons and skills as well as infuse powerful crystal energy into Urd’s arsenal. And wipe out every enemy in their path in various new locations of the Brutalist West.

Wargression, the new progression system will allow players to personalize their combat style with over 90 different upgrades. These upgrades will not only tweak weapons but also increase Urd’s defense, magic, and combo meter. Making sure that players get to unleash chaos and mayhem in every playthrough.

Project Warlock II along with its Chapters 1 and 2 are available on Steam, GOG, and Epic games in Early Access. So, go ahead and give this awesome game a shot. By the way, make sure to check out the launch trailer to get a glimpse of the latest chapter.