Splitgate Devs are Open to Idea of Having Single-Player Campaign

Splitgate Devs Think Having a Campaign Story Mode Will Be “Cool”

Splitgate has amassed millions of players in its beta version, cementing its spot as one of the successful arena shooter games in the community today. The team behind Splitgate recently talked about the possibility for the game to feature a story mode or a single player campaign mode in a TikTok video.

I think there is definitely something there. It is really cool to me that there is this kind of story, even though it is a multiplayer game and it is not necessarily a campaign story,” said the devs during the TikTok Q&A. “It kind of sets up what is going on.”

Although they remained noncommittal to the idea, they were admittedly open to the idea of Splitgate having a story similar to the live-service battle royale games that are currently available in the market. Similar games in the market have an overarching narrative and in-game universe that builds from one season to the next. With that said, Splitgate featuring something of the same nature is definitely on the table.

splitgate single player campaign

For now, the Splitgate beta will continue indefinitely since its devs are still hard at work at developing the game and improving it on the backend—with more new content planned for release with future updates. Although a Splitgate story or single player mode may come to the game in the future, fans of the game should not necessarily expect a full blown single player campaign.

A story campaign is expected to fuel further context for Splitgate’s arena battles—which, currently, showcases red and blue armoured characters battling each other with various weapons and portals. Although its versus multiplayer battles will continue to remain Splitgate’s focus and gameplay, fans may want some lore to serve as a backstory behind all the fighting, the portal technology, and the maps that they are playing on.

At the moment, the maps shown in Splitgate do not have any narrative reasons for being there. It is worth noting, however, that the devs did add certain features, such as a Terminator Easter egg to the Lavawell map, to give the maps more flavour and make them more interesting.