Rainbow Six Siege Devs Will No Longer Penalize Wins Against Cheaters

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Have Decided to Stop Penalizing Players Who Win Against Cheaters

Rainbow Six Siege devs, Ubisoft, have finally decided to stop penalize players who managed to win Ranked matches against cheaters. This announcement came two years after they introduced MMR rollback features as their attempt to thwart gamers who want to cheat in-game.

MMR rollback updated to only reflect recent matches,” wrote the devs on social media. “Players keep MMR when they win against a cheater.”

rainbow six siege mmr rollback

Ubisoft’s decision to implement this change came as part of this week’s Rainbow Six Siege patch that included a number of other updates to the game’s Ranked Matchmaking Rating. With these newly applied rules, Ubisoft will now allow Rainbow Six Siege players to keep the MMR that they gained whenever they won a match against a banned cheater fair and square. 

These changes are live now. With that said, players who won against those who cheat can continue happily knowing that the most frustrating match they played in Rainbow Six Siege will not be counted against them if they end up victorious.

Before the changes, winning against a cheater—despite the bragging rights—was a bane within the game, since the devs would retroactively roll back the MMR of everybody who was present in that match. The worse case scenario is that the players would even drop a rank, despite the win, simply because of the presence of a cheater in that match. Now, only those who were on the same team with the cheating account will lose any of the points they gained. Playing against cheaters is already frustrating in itself, regardless of a win or not, so the recent removal of the unfair penalties is regarded as a positive move overall.

Furthermore, Ubisoft also reverted the Squad MMR cap to 1,000, after having dropped this to  only 700 earlier this year. The reversion will make it much easier for Rainbow Six Siege players to play with their friends of different skill brackets, in addition to fighting head to head against similarly skilled teams.