Fallout Worlds Update Out Now, 1st Members Can Customize Own World

Fallout Worlds Is Live Now and 1st Members Can Create Their Own World

The much-awaited Fallout Worlds update for Fallout 76 is not delayed after all. Just as initially planned, Fallout players—with the Fallout Worlds update—are now given the option to experience their own private servers, assuming that they have a Fallout 1st membership.

Our Fallout Worlds update arrives to Fallout 76,wrote Bethesda on social media. “Experience Appalachia like never before with specialized game settings.”

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However, players who do not have the membership can still take part in the offered limited-time servers that are supported by the studio, giving them unique experiences that are quite different from what normally takes place in Fallout 76.

Starting today, Public Worlds will be available for Fallout fans at a time, with new ones rotating in on a monthly basis. The first Public World will be called Happy Builder, and it changes things up by getting rid of a variety of restrictions when it comes to building and C.A.M.P. placement, and automatically shows all map locations. Moreover, PvP gameplay is disabled within this particular world.

The other Public World is called High Risk. In High Risk, fast travel has been disabled and PvP is always enabled. Fallout 76 players will drop extra loot whenever they die, making PvP all the more tempting. In addition to that, legendary item attributes and free workbench crafting have also been disabled.

Fallout players who are 1st members can make up their own customized world with whatever settings they want and see fit.They have the option to make in-game enemies harder to beat, as well as change the rules of PvP. They can also enable special weather conditions, and even change the jump height variable, as well as remove fall damage.

The Fallout Worlds update also marks the official end of the Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter game mode. Those who have finished any Nuclear Winter matches will get a themed pennant, in addition to a sum of perk coins that scales with the amount of progress that they have made in the game’s battle royale mode.