New Planetary Regions Coming to Deep Rock Galactic

Update 33 Brings Tons of Content to Deep Rock Galactic

Ghost Ship Games’ upcoming update for Deep Rock Galactic is going to be a big one, adding tons of new content to the intergalactic co-op FPS. Update 33 is now live for PC players on Steam, but Xbox One fans will have to wait until February 11th to explore all of the new content the update has to offer. Alongside the new planetary regions coming with update 33 are new biomes for players to delve into at their leisure. Deep Rock Galactic is available right now for PC, Xbox One, and through the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Ghost Ship Games recently confirmed that Deep Rock Galactic exceeded their highest sales expectations, reaching over 2 million units sold already. With all of the momentum behind it, Ghost Ship Games aims to continue evolving Deep Rock Galactic for the large player base they’ve accumulated. Some new creatures are being added to Deep Rock Galactic with update 33, such as the Deeptora Bough Wasp and Stabber Vine in Hollow Bough who can both be very intimidating.

The Azure Weald and the Hollow Bough are being added to Deep Rock Galactic with update 33, with the first being a beautiful yet mysterious place, and the latter covered in a web of thorns. New strains for Glyphid Dreadnoughts like the Hiveguard, the Arbalest, and Lacerator (formed by a Cocooned Dreadnought undergoing metamorphosis) will be added to Deep Rock Galactic with update 33. The Mactera will also apparently see some variations like the Tri-Jaw and Brundle.

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