GameStop Stock Situation Getting Multiple Hollywood Projects

Hollywood Is Very Interested in the GameStop Stock Fiasco

Propagate has officially confirmed a documentary about the drama alongside The Wall Street Journal, joining four other Hollywood projects based on the recent GameStop stock situation that got particularly controversial when the Robin Hood app limited customer access. The documentary is called This Is Not Financial Advice and it will be directed by Hannah Olson who worked on HBO’s Baby God. HBO is also currently working on a The Last of Us series, with the games being exclusive to PS4 and PS5.

GameStop serious trouble

“It will examine the origins and inner workings of the digital and social investment communities that turned new investors into millionaires and drove a billion-dollar hedge fund and financial services company to seek capital,” said a recent excerpt about the documentary. Propagate previously made a Hillary Clinton documentary for Hulu and it looks like their latest project is delving into the stock market chaos that ignited recently. Apparently, key figures from this fiasco have been contacted for the documentary, but Propagate hasn’t confirmed any big names yet.

Considering the recent GameStop stock fiasco was sparked by a group of intelligent Redditors, This Is Not Financial Advice will focus on how the internet came together to increase GameStop’s stock price while costing those betting on the company’s failure big bucks. GameStop’s share price has since rebalanced, but for several days it was soaring high on the market. This Is Not Financial Advice is already in production and it’s not the only Hollywood project coming soon that focuses on the recent GameStop stock situation.

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