Ninja Sets His Sights on Hollywood

The Streamer Has His Eyes Set on a Career Change

Streamers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their followings. From the streamers that focus on specific games to those who have a massive following based on playing multiple games, there’s something for everyone. To succeed as a streamer you need a variety of different qualities. You need skill, charisma, presence- qualities that Ninja hopes will help him succeed in Hollywood.


Ninja recently added a cameo in the Ryan Reynolds film Free Guy (Which, frankly, sounds insane) to his live-action accomplishments, which also include a stint on The Masked Singer and several appearances on Family Feud, and in an interview with Hollywood Reporter¬†following filming he revealed that he’s looking for work in Hollywood, whether that be live-action or voice-acting.

Ninja has also reportedly been exploring his own creative ideas and reading scripts in light of Microsoft selling Mixer- the platform he left Twitch to join, abandoning a staggering fourteen million followers in the process- to Facebook.

There’s something major that Ninja fans should keep in mind though: He’s previously raised some controversy by refusing to stream with female gamers out of respect for his wife, so if he keeps the same standards in a hypothetical acting career that could limit his potential roles and hinder his career before it even starts.

However, fourteen million fans is nothing to sniff at- he did, after all, receive a cameo in a movie involving sentient video game characters for a reason- so even if it’s only bit parts, a lot of producers will be eager for the ticket sales his involvement could bring to a project.

Will you be checking out Free Guy, or any of Ninja’s potential movie roles in the future? Get in touch with us and let us know.