Twitch Expands Revenue Opportunities with Partner Plus Program

Enhanced Revenue Shares and Name Change to “Plus Program” Set to Benefit Twitch Affiliates

Twitch is making significant changes to its Partner program, welcoming Affiliate streamers into the fold. In a blog post released on Wednesday, Twitch announced the introduction of the Partner Plus Program, extending revenue-sharing benefits to both Partners and Affiliates, with a focus on boosting earnings from subscriptions, effective May 1.

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Inclusive Opportunities for Affiliates

Starting February 1, Affiliates will be eligible to participate in the Partner Plus Program, offering them a pathway to increased revenue shares. To qualify, Affiliates need to accumulate 300 Plus points for the 70/30 net revenue share level on paid and gift subscriptions—a reduction from the initial 350 Plus points set by Twitch when the program launched in the summer of last year. Additionally, Affiliates can qualify for the 60/40 net revenue share level by maintaining 100 Plus points consistently for three consecutive months.

Streamlined Program and Name Change

In a move akin to Warner Bros. Discovery renaming HBO Max to Max, Twitch has decided to streamline its program’s nomenclature. With the inclusion of Affiliates, the Partner Plus Program will undergo a name change to simply the “Plus Program,” becoming effective in May.

Enhanced Benefits for Affiliates

Affiliate streamers joining the Partner Plus Program will enjoy several advantages, including the removal of the $100,000 cap on the 70/30 net revenue share level—a change instituted by Twitch in response to streamer feedback. Previously, streamers faced earnings restrictions, with their revenue reverting from 70% to the standard 50% rate after reaching the $100,000 annual threshold. This adjustment aims to address concerns raised by the streaming community, ensuring a more equitable and flexible earnings structure.

Empowering Aspiring Streamers

For many streamers striving to achieve Affiliate status on Twitch, the inclusion in the Partner Plus Program marks a significant milestone. By providing a level playing field and comparable revenue potential to Partners, if not exceeding, Twitch aims to incentivize and reward content creators at all stages of their streaming journey. This move reinforces Twitch’s commitment to supporting its diverse community of streamers and fostering a thriving ecosystem for content creation. As the platform continues to evolve, these changes underscore its dedication to creating opportunities and maximizing the earning potential for all its users.