After Two Years, GameStop Finds Its First Profitable Quarter

GameStop Doesn’t Want to Stop, Will Continue to Game

GameStop is perhaps the most well-known physical game retailer – though not always for the right reasons. Its place in gaming culture is as well-established as any of the brands it sells, but that doesn’t mean it was profitable, per se. Significant gains in digital sales have left the brick-and-mortar store in the dust. Many see GameStop as going the same way as Blockbuster – just a lot slower.

But today is not the day GameStop falls. Because for today, for now, the business is undeniably profitable. It just reported its profits for investors, and they’re in the green.

Gamestop Black Friday

What gave it such boons? The store credits its success to… well, a few things, obviously, but mainly cost-cutting measures. Mainly staff layoffs – three round of ’em over the course of 2022. Not exactly the most glamourous way to find success, but it’s something. And it wasn’t all cost-cutting: sales of things aside from games, such as collective figures, saw a real boost!

GameStop intends to continue these methods into 2023 – closing locations, cutting costs, and bettering sales of high-value options.

The old identity of GameStop, the one that took root in many a young gamer’s mind, seems like a dwindling fantasy as GameStop moves in new directions. As an upside, the business gets to survive. Is that a worthwhile trade, in your opinion? What other routes could the retailer take? Is there an option that corporate bureaucracy refuses to consider? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!