Have A Nice Death Escorts Souls to Release Today

Death Awaits

It’s time to take control of Death Incorporated. There are souls that need guidance, and underlings to scythe back into their proper place. Today, Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios is happy to announce the release of their dark roguelike, Have a Nice Death, on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game, out now for $24.99, combines elements of roguelikes and hack-and-slash games. A press release delves into more details about the release of the game and provides insights from Simon Dutertre, Lead Game Designer at Magic Design Studios. 

Have A Nice Death Review

Have a Nice Death sets players in the robes of Death himself. In this world, Death is running a massive corporation, Death Incorporated. Of course, it’s not all pushing up daisies. Death’s assistants, the Sorrows, have begun disobeying him and running things as they see fit. Yet, this won’t fly. Death needs to re-take control of his company, by force. The game is a roguelike game that invites players to hack-and-slash their way through Death Inc. Using over 70 weapons, different abilities, and more, players will be able to find their favorite playstyle as they battle their way through their company.

“All of us at Magic Design Studios are beyond ecstatic for all mortals to finally jump into the full game and join Death Incorporated,” says Dutertre. “Development on Have a Nice Death has been incredible.” 

Have a Nice Death is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Time to get a little deadly, and deliver some more souls. So, are you ready?