Amazon Luna Releases in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Accessible Gaming Expanding 

Nearly a year after its general release into the U.S, the Amazon Luna is making a big announcement about expansion. Today, Amazon Luna announced that they have now brought the platform to multiple new countries. Releasing today in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the platform is ready to bring accessible gaming to more people. A blog post provides more details on the service’s expansion. Of course, the post goes into detail about all aspects of the service from the games collection to the Luna controller. 

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna provides gamers with a way to play games through devices they already own. For instance, gamers who have Fire TV will have easy access to Luna. The service, arriving to three new countries today, a large selection of high-quality games for gamers to enjoy. From casual arcade games, to retro classics, and AAA titles, there is something for everyone.  

Importantly, there are several subscriptions users can partake in with Luna. Firstly, Luna+ allows players to play a massive selection of games, with the ability to connect a Ubisoft account to play a select few Ubisoft PC games. Secondly, a Ubisoft+Multi-Access subscription allows Luna gamers to enjoy a wide selection of Ubisoft games. Finally, The Jackbox Games subscription, only available on Luna, gives players access to popular Jackbox games like Quiplash. Of course, Amazon Luna allows Amazon Prime members an even greater selection of games for no extra cost.  

Additionally, Amazon Luna is introducing features like the phone-controller, and the Luna Couch distance options. These features will make playing with your friends easier, and allow players to connect over longer distances. More information is available on the service’s Twitter