Animal Crossing: New Horizons–February Round-Up

When Will the Snow Go Away?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an absolute juggernaut of a game. This Switch exclusive is still picking up new players, at least partly because we’re all still stuck inside and we want to visit our friends while dressed up as frogs and causing trouble, which is pretty awesome. However, new players may not know everything they can expect from this digital island paradise. If you have questions like ‘what collectibles can I find in February?’, ‘are there any events coming up?’, and ‘no, seriously, when does the snow go away?’, we have answers. Some of them are contained within this short video straight from Nintendo, which you should honestly watch whether or not you need a reminder of what February has in store for us. It’s very cute.

The snow is expected to vanish from our digital rooftops, ledges, and lawns by February 24th, according to data from the Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Guide. Before then, make sure to take advantage of everything February has to offer. If you’ve got time to swim, take a moment to go after two deep sea creatures that will look wonderful in your museum or in your home, the Venus’ Flower Basket and the sweet shrimp. The Tiger Beetle is also available right now, and it’s a must-have for any collection.

Okay, but what if you’re more about that shopping and interior design life than chasing innocent wildlife? You’re still in luck, because until February 14th, New Horizons will feature chocolates and flowers that can be purchased with Bells from the Nook Shopping kiosk. Why not deck your halls in Valentine’s Day colors? Who’s going to stop you? Festivale will start on February 15th, so now is the time to take advantage of these seasonal opportunities. You won’t have another chance until 2022!

Animal Crossing festivale ad

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