EverQuest Is Still Getting Updated Over 20 Years Since Launch

EverQuest Received a February 2021 Update

Daybreak Game Company has officially updated EverQuest for 2021 during February, bringing some necessary games to the MMORPG that launched way back in 1999. The update included changes for items, spells, quests, and events. It’s hard to believe that an MMORPG that released way back in 1999 is still getting so much attention today when so many that released since the 90’s have gone offline. EverQuest is available right now for PC and Mac.

According to the official patch notes for EverQuest’s February 2021 update shared through the game’s forums, many items that have unlimited charges and instant-cast spells attached have been altered. Illusion potions have had their spell descriptions adjusted for the sake of clarity while descriptive text was added to Skyshrine Dragon Brazier to indicate that it teleports gamers to the Cobalt Scar. A problematic bug that caused players to get stuck in dynamic zones was also fixed, letting players leave when intended.

One of the key issues EverQuest fans have noticed lately was fixed with the recent February update, the Contract of the Othmir now removes itself from the inventory after being used. The Mount Blessing Kala has been removed from all players, though they may re-click their mount to gain the buff again if the server has reached Torment of Velious. Quick Time will now no longer lock out other spells.

Are you still playing EverQuest or are you surprised that the developers continue to update it all these years later? Let us know in the comments below!