Daybreak Games Details PlanetSide Arena’s Future

PlanetSide Arena Has More Action Than Planetside 2

Daybreak Games’ Executive Producer Andy Sites and Lead Game Designer Tony Morton talk about PlanetSide Arena which pits 300 players who can choose between the assault, the engineer or the medic against each other to compete in large-scale intergalactic battles. PlanetSide fans can expect to see large new game updates every couple of months that will include new weapon sets, new game modes, new classes new maps and new vehicles. While the Battle Royale mode is a key focus on launch, Daybreak Game Company emphasize they expect the game to change a lot as they continue to support it for years moving forward. PlanetSide Arena will be available on PS4 and PC when it launches and crash lands on September 19th.

PlanetSide Arena Delay

According to Tony Morton, each of the PlanetSide Arena classes are balanced but they all have their unique roles as well. While the assault class escapes conflicts easily with the Escape Jet ability, the engineer is able to place a turret or deploy an energy barrier. The medic reinforces the team, healing allies, reviving them from the dead and regenerating shields. Each class works better with certain weapons but their damage output is balanced so no class will be considered overpowered. “The main focus wasn’t on those wasn’t direct damage buffs, if you will, but more about utility and allowing you to kind of craft a loadout that really lets you play the game how you want to play,” said Tony Morton.

PlanetSide Arena will feature more story content from one season to the next as it progresses while the game grows. After getting feedback about the lack of story content in PlanetSide 2, developers at Daybreak Games settled on telling a story in Arena through changes to the gameplay environment and mechanics as well as in-game messaging. “With PlanetSide Arena, the storyline essentially has the faction lines collapsing and essentially all that is left is mercenaries, but part of the storyline within the first year of release is formally reestablishing factions and that’s something that we think will obviously be appealing to PlanetSide 2 players,” said Andy Sites.

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Source: wccftech