ICYMI: PlanetSide 2 is Now Available for Free on the PS4, Launch Trailer Included

Daybreak Game Company today announced that PlanetSide 2 (free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter) is now available for free on the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

Check out some of these fast facts:

• PlanetSide 2 is now available as a free-to-play download in North America and Europe with optional in-game purchases via digital download on the PlayStation 4 store – no PlayStation Plus membership required.

• PlanetSide 2 is the only game on the PS4 to bring massive player communities together in simultaneous battles across an enormous world conflict.

• A Membership option will be available for USD $14.99/month for players interested in an enhanced PlanetSide 2 experience, which includes: a monthly Battle Cash grant, increased experience, certifications and resource gains, discounts in the marketplace, exclusive promotions, access to a monthly double experience weekend event and priority log-in queue access.

• The launch follows an extensive Closed Beta period, in which the PlanetSide 2 development team tested server stability, performance and various other aspects of the game as well as adjusted and refined features based on player feedback.

• PlanetSide 2 is massive, breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Most Players Online in a First-Person Shooter Battle earlier this year on the PC version of the game.

DEVELOPER TAKE: “The original PlanetSide was the first MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2 set a new standard for shooters when it launched on the PC in 2012, and now the massive battles are unmatched on the console. The game is synonymous with large-scale warfare and there’s just no comparison,” said Andy Sites, PlanetSide 2 director of development. “PlanetSide 2 fosters a unique kind of unwavering camaraderie among players, so we’re excited to see how our community grows on the PlayStation 4.