Daybreak Games Creates Dedicated Studios

Daybreak Games Splits Development of Planetside, Everquest and More

Previously known as Sony Online Entertainment, Daybreak Games has officially created dedicated studios for their headliners such as EverQuest and DC Universe Online. This franchise first initiative will help developers of the various franchises more creative freedom and flexibility. Darkpaw Studios will focus on the EverQuest series, Rogue Planet will handle the PlanetSide franchise and Dimensional Ink Games will take over DC Universe Online. Each series is available on PC, while PlanetSide 2 is also on PS4 and DC Universe Online is on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Daybreak Games

Executive Producer Holly Longdale will continue to lead the direction of EverQuest as part of the Darkpaw Games team with the goal to, “expand upon the amazing fantasy adventure that is EverQuest and EverQuest II and develop the studio’s next innovation.” The EverQuest series has stagnated lately but when the initial MMO released in 1999/2000, it was an online sensation akin to World of Warcraft.

Executive Producer Andy Sites will be leading Rogue Planet Games in creating a new PlanetSide title. Specifically, Daybreak Game Company has confirmed that the team is working on a “genre-defining game for fans of shooters.” Although the original title and PlanetSide Arena have met early ends, PlanetSide 2 has a dedicated community that continues to breathe life into the game.


Jack Emmert will be leading the team at Dimensional Ink Games in taking control of the DC Universe Online. Not only will they continue to produce content for the DC Universe MMO, but the team has confirmed that they’re working on a brand new “high-profile action MMO.” With no word on whether or not the new MMO will handle a similar IP to the DC Universe, we can only assume it will be a spiritual successor.

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Source: Dualshockers