Project: MARA is Ninja Theory’s Mental Terror Game

Ninja Theory’s Project: MARA Explores the Terror of the Mind

Ninja Theory has officially teased their upcoming Project: MARA which explores real-life themes that cause mental terror and anguish. The title apparently explores new ways of story-telling while focusing on real world accounts and research. The game will feature Melina Juergens as a character and although there are overlapping themes between MARA and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the game will be wholly unique to Ninja Theory and apparently the gaming market. No platforms were announced for Project: MARA and it is likely a next-gen title, considering the brief teaser trailer.

Project: MARA

The teaser trailer for Project: MARA starts with the focused breathing, something many with mental health struggle with, of a character with font filling a black background. The camera then pans through an office setting full of cubicles and an ominous staircase which carries a tone similar to Remedy Entertainment’s Control. A desktop computer screen is shown with brain scans and various data points concerning the research and Ninja Theory has apparently played close attention to real-world mental terrors to create this experience, likely using data from real doctors in the process.

While the teaser trailer is enough to give us anxiety, it leaves much to be desired. Using increasingly heavy breathing to emphasize tension is an old trick used in trailers and Ninja Theory isn’t immune from cliche. While Ninja Theory explored psychosis in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and what living with the mental condition feels like, Project: MARA will apparently double down on the themes and will likely be very suspenseful and intense. While no consoles have been confirmed for this title, Hellblade: Senua’s Saga will be releasing exclusively for the Xbox Series X.

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Source: Gaming Bolt