Tree of Savior – The Other Revelation Update Is Finally Here

Don’t Miss the Events in Tree of Savior

IMCGAMES have officially released a new episode called The Other Revelation for their MMORPG Tree of Savior. The game is available on PC via Steam in English version. Moreover, this new update will mark the beginning of a new chapter of the Saviours. They will now face a new phase of disappearance of the Beholder.

Tree of Savior

In The Other Revelation update, the maximum level of the character is increased to 520. It even allows players to participate in the new content called Isle of Despair once they reach the max level. Completing it will reward everyone with special resources to power up the new accessory, Nebiltis, and the new gear, Goddess Treasure.

There is also a new class called Winged Hussar. It is a spear-wielding class that can stack the Vigor of Battlefield buff through skill chaining. This buff is unique to this class, and allows them to move through the battlefield faster. Become more agine and accumulate energy to unleash powerful special moves to annihilate enemies.

Tree of Saviors is also coming up with several events during the Lunar New Year holiday. This includes “Lunar New Year 2024” and “Popo Boost”. Saviors will receive generous gifts for logging into the game, making it easier to advance through variety of rewards and earn top-tier materiasls.