Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! Is Out Now on Mobile Devices

Escape the Poachers in Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!

OtE Productions has officially released their latest mobile game Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! on Android and IOS devices today. Making a hero of the critically endangered William’s Dwarf Gecko, the game puts its players inside its shoes and tries to escape from poachers. Moreover, this is the third game from the subsidiary of not-for-profit conservation organization On the Edge.

Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!

In the game, you will be helping a gecko escape from the clutches of the poachers. And find a way back to its native screwpine tree. Avoid potential hazards such as forest fires, logging, invasive plants, and more.

It skillfully combines engaging casual gameplay mechanics with lush environments to put more emphasis on the plight of the gecko. You will be eating bugs for a burst of energy, and time your dashes properly to avoid getting captured.

Beth Blood, Founder and CEO of On the Edge said: “With the launch of our third mobile game designed to raise awareness of lesser-known endangered species, we want to help more people fall in love with the natural world and understand the challenges these animals are facing.

“We hope that with the launch of Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! we’re able to spark curiosity across all generations and help everyone care about their plight.”