Nova Core Chaos Will Start Cooking in March

Get the Food Ready in Nova Core Chaos

Prepare yourself for the ultimate cooking challenge with your friends. The Belgian indie studio ROGUE6 has announced the release date for its debut title Nova Core Chaos. The game is coming out on PC via Steam on 5 March. The cool part is that it will be a free game with no ads, no hidden fees, and no paid DLC.

Nova Core Chaos

Embark on a culinary journey in Nova Core Chaos, a chaotic co-op cooking game for one to five players. Work with your fellow robots as a team to craft and deliver energy cores according to the customers. Help them evolve into Novas like they always wanted. However, keep a check on the watch because they don’t like waiting for long.

Robots will come rolling into your place for energy core, so, they can acquire amazing powers. It’s up to you and your friends to finish the job and satisfy them. Grab the empty energy cores, refine them, and fill them with the correct energy source. If you provide the wrong service, the customers will get infuriated.

Making many customers angry will eventually make you lose the game. So, stay focused and do the right thing. Every playable Noval has unique abilities to make the energy cores. While only one Noval can be picked, others can help out with different tasks.

Andries, from ROGUE6 said, “Nova Core Chaos will be completely FREE because we love these little robot guys too much to not share them with the rest of the world! It’s a cute game you can pick up & play in short bursts. And if we see enough interest, we’ll be working on more games featuring our radiant robot Novas in many different kinds of adventures!”