Coridden Shapeshifts Beyond Kickstarter Goal

Become Thy Enemy 

It’s always a momentous occasion when a game gets full funding. Of course, it’s even better when that game exceeds its funding goals. Especially when the game can take so many forms. Sweden-based developer Aftnareld happily announced that their upcoming action-RPG, Coridden, has been fully funded on Kickstarter. Releasing in 2024, the game allows players to follow a family of special warriors who become their enemies. Importantly, this a unique mechanic to the game of becoming any enemy that can be fought. Importantly, a gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the world and action style of the game. 


Coridden allows players to explore the legendary city of Aasha. Players take on the role of one of four different siblings. Importantly, these siblings belong to a family of shape-changers. This allows them to change into those they fight. Of course, this adds a whole new dynamic to the action-RPG combat of the game. Players can select from a variety of equipment and skills to nurture their human style or they can lean into their shape shifting abilities. Interestingly, the game allows players to design their playstyle how they wish. Additionally, the various weapons and skills players can use allow them to develop their very own playstyle. 

Importantly, gamers can get a look at Coridden in the gameplay trailer. The trailer shows off the the action combat of the game and how the shapeshifting mechanic impacts gameplay. Check it out below.

Coridden is releasing later in 2024. Currently a demo is available on Steam.