Gord Announces New The Alliance DLC Release February 28th

An Expanding World

The darkness of a grim fantasy world is growing. It is beginning to blossom into a festering and rotted fruit. Yet, not without hope. Not without a way forward. Today, Covenant.dev and Team17 happily announced a new DLC for their dark fantasy strategy game, Gord. The DLC, titled “The Alliance”, introduces a host of new content to the game for players to explore. In fact, players can expect new horrors, new enemies, a new campaign, and more. A new trailer for the DLC gives gamers a glimpse of what they can expect in the new content.


Gord places players in the lead of the Tribe of Dawn. Amidst the backdrop of a truly horrifying world, the tribe is struggling to survive. Monsters, from the darkest parts of Slavic folklore, stalk the shadows and threaten the very existence of the tribe. As leader, players will need to strategize, growing their settlement from a tiny village to a defensible fortress. However, monsters aren’t the only threats to the survival of players’ cities. Other tribes will pose a threat as they too struggle to survive, fighting others for supplies and the means to strengthen themselves. Yet, perhaps an alliance can be made.

Of course, Gord’s new DLC, “The Alliance”, allows players gives players multiple new ways to experience the game. For instance, players will now face off against three brand new horrors, new monsters, and a whole new campaign to follow. Additionally, players can also experience 2 new biomes and even the ability to tame monsters. Check out the DLC trailer below for a glimpse of what awaits.

Gord is available now on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The DLC is releasing on February 28th.