Dragona: Fireborne Has Launched Its Steam Page Today

Transform Into a Dragon in Dragona: Fireborne

LivePlex and IndigoWare have officially launched the Steam page for their upcoming title Dragona: Fireborne. It is a new version of the original Dragona game. You can put it on your wish list right now and wait for its Early Access release which is happening in a couple of days. Moreover, the official release will take place sometime in Q2 2024, so keep an eye out.

Dragona: Fireborne

Dragona: Fireborne is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with a distinctive gameplay element known as “Dragon Transformation.” Players will find themselves amidst a global conflict driven by the mission to safeguard the goddess on one side. And the five dragons tasked with shaping the very fabric of the world on the other.

You will step inside the shoes of a Dragona Warrior and embark on an epic mission in the cursed continent of Bartan. The place has doubled its curse as it serves as the prison of a malevolent dragon called Jurtan. His corruption has started to spread to both creatures and inhabitants.

Find a way to stop the corruption, all the while facing different enemies and monsters. Harness the power of a celestial dragon spirit to “possess” them during battles. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative, gameplay mechanics, PvP battles, and dragon transformations.