Wyvia Is Celebrating RPG Make Festival With a 20% Discount

Welcome to Wyvia

The indie game developer Blast Programming is celebrating Steam RPG Maker Festival with a 20% discount on Wyvia. The offer starts today and it will end on 19 February. Get your copy right now and experience an open-world action RPG with unique pixelated JRPG-inspired aesthetics.


Wyvia is a hack and slash action RPG that takes place in a fantasy land. In this land, the wyverns serve as the protectors of the world. However, over time they have started to disappear slowly and slowly. To the point where human beings have decided to form mercenary companies to safeguard order and peace. Amidst these chaos, mysterious portals start to appear, and dangerous monsters emerge through them.

You will play as a new mercenary recruit trained to save the world. Embark on an epic adventure to find the truth behind the disappearance of the wyverns and where they have gone. There are 10 different classes to choose from with a robust cross-class skill system. You will also discover tons of weapons and accessories, and upgrades. Not only that, but you can also even craft various items in the game.

With its awesome pixel art, unique level designs, and amazing soundtracks, Wyvia is a must play RPG for all the fans of the genre.