This God of War Boss Secretly Flipped You Off

A Hacker Has Found the God of War Boss Which Flipped You Offf

Game developer and hacker Lance McDonald recently uncovered that the main antagonist in God of War flips Kratos the middle finger when he’s pushed from a cliff. Using a custom camera hack, McDonald panned the camera over to the fallen villain to discover the entertaining easter egg that comes early in the game. It’s likely that if you spent much time playing God of War that you’ve been flipped off by Baldur after Kratos pushes him off a cliff, which is a fitting response to such violence. God of War is available exclusively for PS4 now.

God of War

Not content to flip just one, Baldur apparently flips God of War gamers off with both middle fingers as Kratos pushes him from a cliff early on in the epic story. In the regular version of the scene, the camera does not follow Baldur as he plummets from the ledge but the camera mod allowed Lance McDonald to pan the camera down with him. “So @corybarlog who was responsible for this little easter egg?” said McDonald on Twitter. “Absolutely laughing at this, can’t wait to see what else is hidden in the game off-camera.”

“The camera exploits some leftover debugging code in the game which I heavily modified, and then added new code [to] the game’s pause screen, which allows me to control the flow of game time to slow pause/unpause functions,” said Lance McDonald. “My modified code allows me to turn my modifications on and off my pressing certain combinations of buttons on the pause screen.” Apparently this all required debugging code and altering the control scheme to severely break the gameplay.

What’s your favorite hidden easter egg in games? Should the developers include more off-camera fun like this in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku