Christopher Judge Refuses To Voice Young Kratos

Two Iconic Voices 

Kratos, the brooding protagonist of the God of War games, has quite the iconic voice. Gravely and full of wisdom, the Kratos of the Norse series of games is an icon in voice acting. His “boy” line alone is a fan-favorite. It’s no question the Christopher Judge, his voice actor, has done wonders for the character. However, he hasn’t always been the voice of the God of War. In fact, the Kratos of the Greek series of games is not played by Christopher Judge. But Judge is nothing if not respectful of his predecessor, voice actor TC Carson. In a recent stream for Streamily, Judge voiced his lack of desire to voice the young version of Kratos out of respect for Carson. 

Christopher Judge

“TC is so extraordinary that my reverence for what he did…even if they had asked me I would have said no,” Said Judge in the stream, talking about bringing his own flair to the character of Kratos, “They offered me something not to long ago, and I had to turn it down. They wanted me to somewhat match the voice of this character and I said absolutely not. I love this dude, that would be such a slight.” 

Judge has been voicing Kratos since the 2018 God of War. In fact, he announced in 2016 that he would be replacing the original voice actor, Carson, and carrying the torch in the new games. Of course, Judge’s portrayal of the God of War was lauded and celebrated as brilliant and iconic. He was presented with the Best Performance Award at the 2022 Game Awards for God of War: Ragnarok, and has also been the recipient of the DICE award for Outstanding Achievment in Character.

As always, massive respect to Christopher Judge and his performance as Kratos.