God of War Is the Best-Selling Game of the Series With Over 10 Million Copies Sold

God of War Was One of the PS4’s Biggest Successes

God of War has managed to reach over 10 million copies sold, according to a Sony financial report that was made public recently. The previous sales figure reported for the game was 5 million copies sold.

god of war

God of War also managed to top the sales of all previous games in the series, per the report.

Having won multiple Game of the Year awards in 2018 after garnering critical acclaim, God of War is considered to be one of the most successful PS4 games ever made.

Our review of the game was gushing with praise, calling it the best game in the series so far. “Sony Santa Monica has clearly put love into this latest title of the series and given both longtime fans and newcomers a monumental gaming achievement,” the reviewer concluded. “Put your fears to rest – yes, Kratos is getting older, but even after all this time, he’s better than ever.”

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